Nonce Words in Patent Claims

Nonce words other than means may invoke 35 USC 112(f) or pre-AIA 35 USC 112, sixth paragraph.

PCT Receiving Office for Multinational Applicant

Can a company file an international application under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) with the US as the receiving office?

Third-Party Submissions

The public can provide prior art information relevant to claims of a patent application to the U.S. patent office. However, there are restrictions on when the information can be provided.

CBM Review Cannot be Predicated on Incidental Activity

Identification of what patent qualifies as a Covered Business Method (CBM) patent cannot rely on non-statutory phrases like "incidental to" (Secure Axcess, LLC v. PNC Bank Nat’l Ass’n).

Abstract Idea of a Solution to a Problem Not Patentable

Merely collecting information and performing steps that people go through in their minds are abstract ideas that by themselves do not confer patent eligibility (Electric Power Group LLC v. Alstom S.A.).

Abstract Idea with Routine Computer Functions not Patentable

Offer-based price optimization are fundamental economic concepts and therefore abstract ideas that are not patentable on their own (OIP Technologies, Inc. v., Inc.).